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Women face diffferent kinds of issues particularyly with regards to their health and expecially when it comes to breast related diseases. Our aim is to provide fully integrated heath care and support to women of all ages from all walks of life. To further undertand it clearly we need to know that breast surgeries are of two types. oncoplastic and cosmetic.
While the first kind deals with breast cancer and other breast diseases, the second one is purely to the do with appearance. We provide a comprehensive one stop programme of diagnosis, treatment and support services for every kind of need. The major hindrance is the fact that most breast specialists are male with whom women find it difficult to discuss. And also there are the fear of consequences of a surgery, the alteration in the physical appearance, social stigma etc. To provide our patients with the best we bring all breast treatments under one roof.
Breast Cancer Screening

For the well being of the patient, we provide the following services for Breast Cancer Screening or test is performed in different ways such as Mammogram, Breast MRI, Biopsy and Breast Ultra Sound.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Appearance today is as important as good health if not less. Towards this we offer world class Cosmetic Breast Surgery, Where a breast implant is used to alter the size and shape of a woman's breasts for cosmetic reasons. Some of the popular implants are Silicone Gel Implants and Saline Filled Implants. A new technique called Lipo filling can be done in which fat cells are harvested from the abdomen and hips transfered into the breast for breast augmentation and better appearence. Breast reduction can also be done for better cosmetic appearence.

Surgeries for Breast Cancer & Benign Breast Diseases

There are different types of breast diseases and for these there are diferent types of surgeries too. These include Lumpectomy or Wide Local Excision (only the lump removal), Axillary dissection and Mastectomy (whole breast removal). Breast Cancer does not advocate breast removal all the time. Most of the time we can often perform conservative breast surgery with oncoplastic reconstruction.

Mammotome for Scarless Breast Surgery

Mammotome is an advanced breast biopsy system, it can also be used to remove small breast lumps with ultra sound guidance, thus rendering scarless breast surgery.

Mammary Ductoscopy

It is a medical diagnostic procedure for viewing and collecting epithelial cells and other internal features of the milkducts. It also detects smaller abnormalitites better than mammograms, MRI or ultrasound tests.

Intra- operative Radiotherapy

It is a type of Partial Breast Irradiation in which the entire radiation therapy treatment is given during surgery, immediately following the removal of the breast cancer. It enables breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy to be given on a single day. This new radiation delivery system was introduced for the first time in India, to deliver the radiation dose in 30 minutes on the operationg table, thus reducing patient's stay in the hospital.

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Removing large cancer lumps with lumpectomy is aesthetically unacceptable, forcing the cancer surgeon to recommend mastectomy. Plastic surgeons reduce, augment and reshape the breast to improve its cosmetic appearance. Wide excision of malignant breast lumps with immediate reconstruction using oncoplastic surgical techniques.

Breast Ultrasound

Breast ultrasound imaging / scanning or sonography is exposing breast to high-frequency sound waves to produce pictures of the internal structure in real-time.

Neo Probe Gamma Detection System

The Neo Probe Gamma Detection System, the first of its kind in south india, facilitates the physician to identify the sentinel nodes for frozen section. This also makes classical axillary clearance unnecessary in case of negative nodal disease, thus avoiding side-effects such as edema of arm and restricted shoulder movements. To add to the array of lastest techniques in Breast Surgery, which could last a lifetime.